In 1989, I used for the first time ("Basic Foundations of the Theory of the Parapsychology of Art") the character of "Super A", a kind of visionary, parapsychologist, spiritual medium, leader of an utopical organization called "The Intellect Brigade". In this mentioned work "Super A" was presented as the result of a mediumistic transaction in which I was supposed implicated due to an obsession of being a third world / tropical artist in a platonic professional affair with the high-tech north American artist Laurie Anderson ("I love you Laurie, with your one thousand and two hundred heart's volts, and your mind connected to hazardous epiphanies", I said). Since that moment, I've been using this character with other purposes such as different situations. I have converted him in a kind of mediumistic artifact, a kind a comic character Superman's style. In fact, he's not Superman, but Supermind.
"Alejandro works under the assumed name of an invented character called "Super A", who heads 'The Brigade of the Intellect', and transmutes into a parapsychologist, a scientist, an art critic, a shaman, an astrologist, a builder a worker, an ordinary person. Sometimes, “Super A” reminds us of an archetypal comic strip hero or of a pastiche buffoon like Woody Allen's "Zelig". At the same time, he is like Cricket, Pinocchio's critical alter-ego, who lives in a trance, embodying a multiplicity of cultural voices which possess him and recontextualize sense and meaning. Alejandro López's works are complex multimedia productions involving the artifice and heroic climax of the Opera, the Grand Discourse laden with paraphernalia or the epic quality of Social Realism, none of which lead to a kitsch or vernacular expression, but rather towards a break from the Text, and an inventive form of polyphonic semantics."  - ABDEL HERNANDEZ, 1997.
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