Pueblo de Cuba: Lets talk about GE!” was the first video made for this “Havana in Hi & Low FIDELity” project. A Set of fifty five prints was also made from the video, which have been exhibited independently from it. A two channel video version that will serve for the stage presentation of this piece also exist.

On this video, a group of people are interviewed by a host. The subject of elucidation is the alleged superior quality of the 1950’s GE fans over their more contemporary Chinese and Russian competitors. Like in daily life Cuban language, in which people refer to “delicates subjects” using a double meaning or allegoric language (to escape censorship), the real theme on “Pueblo de Cuba…” turn out to be not the alleged superior quality of the 1950’s GE fans, but the necessity to have a real elections in Cuba. (The last democratic elections on the Island took place in 1942).

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