This outdoor performance took place in New York City (Manhattan) on November of 2007. This work was done thanks to the generous support of Magnam Project Gallery, Transart Foundation of Houston and ARTEX Inc.

In 1970’s, NASA put into outer space a spacecraft (the Voyager) that carried what is known as the “Golden Records”, which contained some one hundred and twenty pictures of peoples and places from planet Earth, as well as sounds, voices and music samples. The intention was to send a message to whatever unknown civilization like ours might dwell in the immensity of the Universe and make it aware of our whereabouts. This “Cuban Rocket” performance is a remake of NASA’s project. Like it, it carries pictures and sounds, and it is intended to reach Cuba’s outer space: the United States.

This work is a commentary on the absurdity of 47 years of economical embargo imposed by the United States on the Cuban People. This performance is meant to be a symbolic effort on behalf of the people (not the government) in an attempt to dismiss this nonsense.
(AL. Words from Flyer)


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