As the generic title indicates, the cigar bands (Anillos de Tabacos) are made after that graceful element that give personality to cigars: the band, called in Spanish “anillos”, like the wedding ring.

Te images created for this series shows a contrasting picture. Externally, this elegant and bucolic one, labeled with pretentious names for the most part. Cuba is associated to a great extend to this romanticized image, iconically represented by the great Cuban cigar. Internally, I juxtapose a different reality: that of the physical destruction of a city (Havana) and by extend, the disruption of the family, the moral values, the nation… Interesting as it is indeed, this is the physical destruction of the city that also attracts so many tourist, who found on it a great deal of aesthetical pleasure mixed with some contended feelings of a grown up revolutionary romanticism.

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