“Bacalao sin Pan” (breadless codfish sandwich) was the first stage performance made for this project of “Havana in Hi & Low FIDELity”. The performance was presented at “17 Frost Art Space” in Brooklyn, New York, on October 3rd 2009, as part of the opening ceremony of “100% Hand Made” exhibition.

The performance features drummer Alex Garcia and guitarist Javier Hernandez-Millares. The making of this performance was made possible thanks to their collaboration. I would also like to thank Steven Pacia, Fran Rodriguez, Carlos Cobas and David Scarborough for their technical support.

The edited video of the performance is a shorten version of the actual performance. The performance was recorded with two video cameras. The sound was recorded with a room microphone that captured the ambience sound. Since he voice gets a little lost due to this fact, a subtitle was added to the edited video to make the narration hundred percent understandable, keeping the bilingual quality of the performance.
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