(The Great Theory)
Multimedia performance, first presented at Rice University of Houston
as part of "Artist in Trance". Spring of 1997.

“The Great Theory”
(Lyric translation. Original in Spanish).

Some time ago, my habits differed from those of the persons who surrounded me. Nobody ever saw me during the day, neither did I see anyone. This was because I used to sleep during daytime; on the other hand, during the night, while those that surrounded me were at the mercy of their unconscious (that is to say, in their sleep), I was in a complete watchfulness, expectant before an immense quietness which make me feel like the only survivor of that useless struggle against time, to which “the congregation” was subject to, without even imagining that the only safe weapon on this battle was to be part of the Absolute, to have a metaphysical existence capable of transgressing the limit of the objects, the gestures, the words,, the smiles and the problems which grieved them, my fellow dwellers.

Therefore, my sense of socialization had taken a new direction. And it wasn’t that I did not feel socialized, only that it was in a new modality: that of the scientific reading (that is to say sociological). Each night used to be a total surrender to this intellective exercise which offered me so many new experiences.

It was then when I read Talcot Parsons, the great theorizer of North American sociology. Through him I devotedly began to love this science, which I tried to follow so closely and inspired me with so much warm in my heart. Parson’s texts meant to me a “place of power”, a “platform for contemplative exercises”. Far from the daily life’s chaotic happenings, there was this organized and elegant classification of them. As I did not have a clear definition of some esoteric terms which I new, I identified this science with the so called “Cosmic Conscience”, which worked as a sort of radar registering all movements and thoughts experienced by all people, that were later transcribed as a descriptive data in to a supercomputer, with which God amused himself in his office.

Secretly I followed each one of these concepts; a terminology I didn’t now much but which I’ll never forget. Nevertheless, from all this haste of ideas, isolated experiences were formed and have remained fossilized in my memory, because Parson’s words were no longer a sociological science for me, instead they transformed in a king of instrument for the manipulation of psychological states that nothing or no one will make me forget, as this one that I’ll show you today, not before giving you a useful information:

On these state of mind provoked by such readings, personal feelings which I normally felt, became confusing in an odd way. I wasn’t the one I used to be in every day life, but rather a kind of symbolic incarnation in which the great mental and rational chimera of human race’s civilization synthesized.


1. Hey! Hey! Are you concentrated?

2. Hey! Hey! Alone in the darkness? Ah, alone with your love, surrounded by mystery!

3. As a night-bird, my hero flies above these definitions. Lucid definitions! What is a man? A man is a sociological category! What is the world? The world is a boundless book titled “Treaty of the existence”.

4. Listen... There are terms difficult to understand, but don’t frightened!

5. How beautiful! Don’t you think so? It’s crazy! You know? I really think you are getting obsessive! Know why? Because I am you... and you... are me. I am your thy. Understand? I’ll explain it again. Listen!

6. That’s why I’m obsessed as you are... me. That’s why I madly throw myself in to this immense and incommensurable sea of definitions, as if in a turmoil. Yes, as if in a roller coaster I would go like...!

7. Classic, classic! There’s no other name for it! No one, neither Tolstoy, Baudelaire nor Kundera can oppose to it! All of them are minor literature; first degree literature! But here, here everything concentrates!
This is the summit of genuine literary construction!

8. Each phrase I read makes my spirit bounce and makes me feel lighter. I’m exalted! Do you realize? It’s simply incommensurable, intangible, inscrutable, indestructible, infallible, invulnerable, unavoidable... unintelligible! I’m exalted! I’m exalted!

9. What is it you say Mother? No, I can’t hear you! I see you shinning like a small porcelain figure. It’s the Unity what makes me see you like this. It’s the Unity! And I’m loosing you Mother, because I’m flying higher! The Great Theory separates me from you! I’m getting higher! I feel I’m getting higher!

10. The great adventure of humanity! The great events that has convulsed the planet. The happenings which have attracted every one’s attention and are part of the world’s history! (1)

11. Oh Sr.! I feel so powerful! I’m bigger than Superman! I’m Supermind! And I feel I’m getting higher! I feel I’m getting higher! I feel I’m...!

12. The Great Theory is... for you! (Jingle).

(1) From a radio soup opera in Cuba.

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