“...for us the world has become a text to us.”
- Rolland Barthes

“...the overwhelming power of books: They themselves are in reality a place of power.”
- Joseph Margolis

“It is certain, I have said, until then I had believed every other book spoke of things, human or divine, outside of books, suddenly I understood that frequently books speak of books, in other words, they speak amongst themselves.”
- Umberto Eco (in “The name of the rose”).
NEW CARTESIAN BOOK is a work that is based on the metaphorical premise according to which books exist in their own universe, and so they exist in an autonomous reality. The book's nature makes it in its own right susceptible to be assimilated, interpreted, and represented in the same way a picturesque scene is rendered by a painter. That is how this work comes to be a representational replica of an old edition of the metaphysical meditations of Rene Descartes.

The Iconographic Universe chosen to represent the book (in its recontextualization) contains an active ingredient of its resemantization.

- Alejandro Lopez

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